How to prevent rendering outside Camera Rect (black letterbox)

i have a question which i tried to search for an answer since two days, but didnt found any good result. I am doing a 2D game (orthographic camera), where the background (slowly moving stars to simulate parallax movement) outside the camera rect get rendered. That is the black space outside the box in the picture. I know i could simply put some black quad with no texture on those four sides to prevent the moving background be seen. But is there really no simple solution to this ?

I honestly have no clue what your problem is and why it’s bothering you.
You are having a stationary orthographic camera, a foreground image and a background image which is moving.
Why does it bother you that the background image is partially outside of the capturebox of the camera? Why don’t you just make the background image fit to the capturebox of the camera then? I don’t know why you’d wanna do that, since you want it to be moving, but that’s what you could do.


Well, now that the second image is up, I guess I know what your problem is.

Honestly, I wonder why the space outside of the camera’s capturebox even get’s rendered to begin with. Dunno… have you tried checking your camera settings? Otherwise, have you tried building your game for your target-platform and testing if the blackboxes are displayed there as well?