How to prevent Unity editor from renaming public variables?

When a C# Component exports public variables, such as

public int mTheTest ;
public int RealGood ;
public int my_UnderScore ;

they will be displayed in the Editor GUI as

Real Good
My_Under Score

This is misleading, as variables are case-sensitive in C#. Replacing underscores with a space is even worse.

Is it possible to make the editor display variables as-is?

I think isn’t possible, as long you put a capital letter it will space it if there isn’t another capital letter before.

But mind that it shows that way only in the inspector, it doesn’t rename the variable for real. You can still personalize it with a custom editor inspector script. More info in here:

I don’t think there’s a way to do that. I don’t think there’s a reason to do it anyways. The process of converting the names is called nicify, and is achieved by calling ObjectNames.NicifyVariableName, if that’s any help.

This needs to be configurable - why not have a custom attribute? In other words:

[InspectorName( "Last Name" )] public string m_last_name = "";

I’m an engine programmer just starting to prototype in unity. I was very surprised that this feature wasn’t present.