How to prevent Unity from adding nunit and TestRunner references to my project?

I tried the unity test tools at some point, but I didn’t like them so I decided to stick to MSTests and removed them.

I have deleted every trace of the TestTools, and even deleted the library folder containing the nunit and TestRunner dlls. However, every time I open the C# project from Unity, references to nunit framework and Testrunner are added - and they are spamming me with warnings because they are not found.

Can someone tell me why does unity keep adding these references? I want to stop it from adding them so I can keep my code warning-free.

Hi @andreim44
Currently there are noway to remove the references in you IDE. They are showed even when playmode tests are disabled

If you have disabled the playmode test runner, nunit and the test runner assemblies will not be included in a player build. If you have deleted the nunit assemblies you will get reference errors because the IDE can not find the file. So if you can readd them the warnings will go away.
We are working on a solution for references that im looking forward to share with you guys