How to print a randomly selected string from Scriptable Objects?

I want to randomly pick an item from a scriptable object and then print the randomly chosen item to the console.

using System.Collections;
  using System.Collections.Generic;
  using UnityEngine;  
  [CreateAssetMenu(fileName = "Country", menuName = "Country/Country", order = 0)]
  public class country : ScriptableObject
      public class Item
          public string Name;
          public string Currency;
          public string Capital;
          public string[] City;
      public Item[] m_Items;

How do I go on printing the following values to the console?

 public Item PickRandomly()
     int index = Random.Range(0, m_Items.Length);
     return m_Items[index];

Hello, you mean printing all the properties of the Item you retrieve from PickRandomly()? I don’t think Unity has a built in method, because .toString() returns only the name of he object (I think it will be "Item"). You will need to build your own method:

public string StringifyItem(Item item){ return item.Name + " :{ currency: " + item.Currency + ", Capital: " + item.Capital + "}"; }