How to print/screenshot scripts.

My game I am creating is for a science project and I need to have all of my code printed on display. What is the best way to get a picture of my code?

Some of my scripts have hundreds of lines of code so I can’t screenshot without zooming out really far and and making it fuzzy. I could take more than one screenshot and piece them together but I feel I will never get that to look nice and it would take lots of time.

Depends on what you want to do with it, formatting / size wise.
If you’re fine with the formatting you have and just want the text, and MonoDevelop doesn’t have a print function (I Use Visual Studio, so I forgot) then copy and paste it into Notepad++ or some other Word Processor (Open Office / Word / Google Docs).

An Alternative is to install, a PDF printer, or Open Office has a printer driver, where you can print from a program to an Open office document that you can then edit. Then print from there.