How to proceed for a big game with lot of character in unity?

Actually, I am planning to develop a game in which there would be more than 20 characters and it is multiplayer game. I wanted to know what would be the proper way to collect all the models and animations, actually I end up with all things at a place it arises lots of confusion. One more thing I wanted to know is that can I use my game on a professional level? I mean if I can sell it on steam!


How you organise your data is completely up to you! You should just make sure to put things into intuative categories which makes it easy to navigate and find what you’re after. It’s even more important in larger teams, but none the less, it’s still up to you. There’s no set, predefined way of doing it.

If you would have read the agreement you agreed to when installing the Editor, you would find that Unity poses no restrictions on selling your game. You’re even allowed to use any assets made by them with no restrictions. Take a look at Kerbal Space Program for instance. Made in Unity, sold (also) on Steam.

Hope this helps,