How to programmatically find fixedUpdate rate?

At the moment, I am calculating the average speed of my car (in a simulator).

At each fixedUpdate,

double TotalSpeed;
double startTime;
double currentTime;

void fixedUpdate(){
  TotalSpeed+= getCurrentSpeed;

double avg(){
  double totalTime = currentTime-startTime;
  double avgSpeedPerSecond = (TotalSpeed/(FIXED_UPDATE_RATE*totalTime))
  return avgSpeedPerSecond;

You can clearly see it is crucial to know the FIXED_UPDATE_RATE. I know that i can check it manually in the editor (default is 50). But how would you access it programmatically (e.g. UnityEngine.FixedUpdateRate() or something…)

Time.fixedDeltaTime gives the ideal delta time between two fixed updates.

Inside FixedUpdate method, Time.deltaTime gives the real delta time since the last fixed update.


The following variable: