How to Project a video from a game object?

Appriciate any help you can provide!

Hi guys Im Try]in to project a video from the bottom of a boat onto the seabed, the idea I am trying to achieve can be seen in the picture below:


Any Ideas on how this could be implemented?
Thanks in advance,

If you’re pro, you can use movie textures. For the pyramide, you could use line renderers.

That looks kinda cool. My first thought would be to have two meshes for the ground: One colored and one just above it that’s black. Use a set texture 2d to adjust the alpha channel of the black mesh directly below the ship, reference here: Unity - Scripting API: Texture2D.SetPixel

That way you can modify it wherever you need it, and you could write a script that fades the alpha channel back to black after you’ve passed by.