How to properly backup a project?

I backedup a project (or so I thought) by copying the entire project folder, and zipping it. When I loaded it up on another computer, it loaded all the assets, but the hierarchy was empty. So how do you get it to save the entire project?

Just copy the project folder. The hierarchy was probably empty because you didn’t load any scene.

You need to copy at least the same files as when using version control systems. Note that the doc says that it is a pro-version only, but since Unity 3.5 meta files are also available with the free version. There is a dedicated topic on Answers: Version control workflow.

To speed things up, you can also copy the Library/ folders. If you don’t, asset database, cache and preview will be recomputed (which can take a lot of time).

You make a copy of the project settings folder and the assets folder. Unity builds the rest when loading a project back up.

You can export a package like this:
Assets > Export package

Then save this package any where you want.

In case you want it to restore this backup:
1- Create a new project.
2- Import the package: Assets > Import Package > Custom Package. Then navigate to where you saved the package and do import it.

That is it. :slight_smile:

1,Creating an empty gameobject and name it as “Parent” or any others what you like.
2,Put all the other gameobjects as Parent’s children.(“Parent” is the gameobject we create at step 1).
3,Drag Parent to the Project window to create a prefab.
4,Select the prefab we created at step 3 and right click your mouse,then selecting Export To Package…
That’s all.

PS:You can export the scenes at the same time to ensure that the settings in the scene won’t lost.

If you want to use the backup.
Just Create a new Project, and import the package.Then drag the prefab to Hierarchy window.

If you don’t like this way, you can use version control software just as bpears answered, i am using
SVN(subversion) which is an open source version control software.

Wish i could help you

Here are the folders I backed up , and I managed to use the backup on another pc.
The backup shrinked the project size from 100M to 300k.
The only thing you should remember is to open the scene.