How to properly import a video into Unity.

I tried to import a 9MB .mov video file into unity. I dragged and dropped it in. What appeared in the project editor was a 3MB file and it would not play in th preview, and when I dragged it onto a movie texture it still would not play.

I tried turning off “compress on import” in preferences, I imported using the command. Same result.

I tried converting it to .ogg in another app before importing it. Same result.

There’s something I’m not doing here. Yes I have unity pro. There’s got to be some extra step that other people are doing to import movies.
All the movie tutorials I’ve seen show that the video plays in the preview window of Unity. My videos won’t play there, that’s got to be the reason that movie texture isn’t working.

Do you have QuickTime installed? As far as I know that must be installed on your computer to have movies work inside Unity.