How to properly move 2d wheel to super steep

Hi there!

I working on 2D game with 2D vehicle by JointWheel2D and 2D Physics
and make it move by use motor and motor speed,

But, if the car moving up to super steep hill (2D), the car stuck there without moving,
or sometime the motion looks crazy and flip over, I don't how to properly make it work

any suggestion?

Miter the sharp corner of the collider so it has a series of smaller bends rather than one huge bend.

You could even just plop another invisible collider in there at an angle to fill the gap.

NOTE: colliders do not have to match visuals. Use this to your advantage.

NOTE: if the car center of mass is too high, a steep enough hill will make it flip over, given sufficient drive torque and contact friction. Set the center of mass lower.