How to properly remove a scheduled ios notification

I’m trying to implement notifications for ios using Unities Notification System package.
When I create a notification I call this code.

 iOSNotificationCalendarTrigger trigger = new iOSNotificationCalendarTrigger()
                Year = time.Year,enter code here
                Month = time.Month,
                Day = time.Day,
                Hour = time.Hour,
                Minute = time.Minute,
                Repeats = false

            iOSNotification notification = new iOSNotification()
                Identifier = identifier,
                Title = title,
                Body = bodyText,
                Subtitle = bodyText,
                ShowInForeground = true,
                ForegroundPresentationOption = (PresentationOption.Alert | PresentationOption.Sound),
                CategoryIdentifier = "category_a",
                ThreadIdentifier = "thread1",
                Trigger = trigger
            notifTracker.IosNotificationIDs.Add(notification.Identifier, notification.Title);//Add notification id to tracker

Using this I create a notification to go off in 5 minutes after the app is opened, but if the user clicks a button the notifications shouldn’t be sent. To unschedule the notification I use this code:


But the notification is still being delivered. Am I doing something wrong on the API it says this function unschedules the specified notification.

I would appreciate any help, thank you.

@ZerotheLone did you find a fix for this? Currently having the same issue.