how to properly setup a character [closed]

I have tried looking for answers on how to setup a character unity for a while. I found websites but they were sort of vague, low on detail, or useful but not what I looking for.

So I going to ask this, what is the proper setup for a 3D 3rd-person platformer? What Colliders do I need for what purpose? Where to place the colliders, models, scripts, etc in the appropriate place in the character hierarchy? What layers and tags are required for the character parts, friendlies, enemies, items, events, weapons, environment, etc… Where can I get custom shaped colliders?

A strange question here. If you plan to “make” a game, than nobody will do the work for you. Your passion for a headstart is understandable but, you must do the work.

You can make mistakes, everybody does, the point is learning from them. You must research, you must try and learn, you must blow your head thinking how to fix a single basic error looking lines of scripts, you must do them on your own.

Otherwise, you can not say “I made a game.”.

Best wishes.