How to protect JSON file game data?

Hi, I’m working an RPG game which have the data for various monster types and I considered using JSON to store the data. I’ve watch this tutorial Recorded Video Session: Quiz Game 2 - Unity Learn

However, I found (10.54 in the video above) that it is so easy to change the JSON file from StreamingAssets folder in Unity. So, my question is how can I make JSON file safe from being edited?

I know that the determined hackers can finally hack my game anyway but I don’t want it to be as easily as shown in the tutorial video above. I’ve searched for around the web many hours but not found a single solution other than put JSON file on the server. If you have any other alternative solution, I’m glad to hear it as well :slight_smile:

The whole point of using JSon/xml etc, is to make files editable elsewhere.
You can use binary otherwise.

Use persistent datapath instead of streamingassets (a little more hidden location to save your file)

A json is a string, you could swap some characters with a keyword like here:

You could also do the same for the bytes in the file.

You could use a long keyword for this or (for example) the device’s unique id (to avoid copying saves)

I think if you edit the json file data in windows explorer, it won’t actually change the data (at least on the build).