How to publish on Facebook from my game?

hi, im wondering how to add in my game the code to my GUI.Button to make it post on Facebook "I'm Playing myGameName, and got X points, Beat my score"+link to the game on app store i've read something about modifying on xcode the package that unity builds, but is there a way to make this stuff inside unity's scripts?

thanks in advance, will try the xcode method, but really appreciated if someone know how to from unity

I have no personal experience with this, so I can only point you to this. Hope it's helpfull.

Or this (which I bought): Unity Facebook App

But if you are familiar with PHP, the Graph API and the WWW function you could try it on your own.

A good example for Unity-PHP-SQL communication can be found in the wiki: Server Side Highscores

(If you decide to buy a package, make sure it is using the new Graph API!)

Did anyone get the progress on this Facebook publishing option as flash player?
Does the unity Facebook app does more than just displaying info, does it actually picks up user´s names, etc… to “rank” them later on with high scores?
How´s that work? Thanks.