How to put Car Tutorial in Assets

I downloaded the .zip file for the car tutorial, and it went into my downloads folder. I copy-pasted it into my Assets folder, and I don’t remember what happened when I did it, but it gave me an error message saying something about using Export Package, or something. I tried using Export Package, but it only showed regular folders in my Downloads. I tried Import New Asset and Import Package → Custom Package, but it didn’t show the car tutorial, either. I tried copy-pasting it again, and it now shows the car tutorial in the Project View as “CarTutorial,” but there’s no icon next to it and when I select it and click “Open,” it just brings up the Windows Explorer showing the car tutorial file. What am I doing wrong?

you have confused yourself!

Ok when you download the car tutorial it comes in a zip.

First UNZIP the

This is a full Unity project , not a package to be imported.

Quick Method :-

open the folder

CarTutorial > CarTutorial > Assets > Scenes

Double-click on Complete Scene (Unity Scene File)

The project should then open !

Long Method :-

All you have to do is find the CarTutorial in Unity, then open it :

Open Unity.

Select File > Open Project

Click on the ‘Open Other …’ button

Now browse to where you have the unzipped CarTutorial folder

e.g. In the ‘Open existing project’ window, browse to Downloads > CarTutorial .

when it has found the project, the button is clickable ‘Select Folder’ . Click and the project should load.

(NOTE - I had a CarTutorial folder inside the CarTutorial folder, you may need to navigate to that folder.)