how to put the GUI into a gameobject so that when clicked, The GUI pops up, and heres a sample multiple Choice question using GUI, i need the code for it.

Heres the Question: Who created the world
Options are : 1) God 2) I dont care 3) i did 4) who cares
1 being right and only asking the question one time
if answered correct, a message box pops up and says “correct”
if answered wrong, a message box pops up and says “incorrect”
then the GUI closes

Please Help me ASAP, thank you so much

The popup animation it self would be done by animating the pixel inset and playing the different animations when the right answers are pressed. Though you could also do this through scripting only. If you are interested, check out the scripting manual and search for OnGUI. Be aware that this is heavy for smaller devices like iPhone and iPad.
If you want to learn more about Unity and UI, check out our YouTube, facebook or website. Good luck! :slight_smile: