How to quickly find component's class in editor

Just a quick QOL/workflow question. Sometimes I add components and intend to create references to them in scripts, but don’t remember (or know) the class name so I can create the reference. What’s the shortcut for getting this from say, the inspector? Usually I have to noodle around the documentation and run some trial and error before I get the class name right.

I’m not entirely sure what you are asking. You cant add a component unless it exists the UI doesnt let you do that. You can create a new one or use the search function to select one of the ones Unity knows about.

If you dont know the name even the letter it starts with and on sight then I suggest you dont know enough to use it anyway.

Switch inspector to debug mode, (by three dots in right top corner menu), and it begins to show proper scripting name in field “script”. For all objects, which class differs from inspector name, i beleave.