How to quit game within gameplay and directs to main menu ? unity iPhone

Hey ppl I am making my first TD game. I need to make a exit button for unity iphone pressing it game mainmenu appears. I read Application.Quit() doesn’t work for iphone. What is the standard way to quit application in unity for my case ? Should I flush all moving objects and move to menu screen ? or set timeScale to 0 and move to menu screen or something load a new scene. I need to stop previous processing when user taps EXIT button and main menu appears. Thnx

I don’t have really a lot of experience so this is probably not the best advice, but maybe you make button with “X” in it and when player press it you change scene to main menu.

I don’t think this will answer your question fully, but I’d put the main menu as a level in the build settings and when a user touches the button it loads the main menu level.