How to random generate stat for different characters?

I have a problem with random generate stat for the character. I am still new in using Unity engine. I hope that someone can help me. There is no error in the code but i when i play the game the character stat are all zero and i notice that unity have an error start() cannot take parameter. Please someone help me.

    private void Start(int remainingStat, int useStat)
        //random stat for guildrecruit
        remainingStat = totalStat - useStat;

        int health = Random.Range(3, remainingStat);
        int attack = Random.Range(3, remainingStat);
        int defense = Random.Range(3, remainingStat);
        int accuracy = Random.Range(3, remainingStat);
        int evasion = Random.Range(3, remainingStat);
        int speed = Random.Range(3, remainingStat);
        int cunning = Random.Range(3, remainingStat);

        totalStat = 30;
        useStat = health + attack + defense + accuracy + evasion + speed + cunning;


One problem is that you’re declaring new stats within the Start block when you put “int” in front of health, attack, etc. I’m assuming those stats are already variables in the class? If so, get rid of the “int” in front of each.
As for the error message, void Start() is one of the stock functions on Monobehaviours. It’s where you would want to put this kind of thing (variable initializations) but it doesn’t take any parameters, so you should give your function a different name and call it from Start().

I have solve the start() parameter problem but when I start the game, all the basevalue for each stat is 0. I know I m a Noob in coding but can you show me a proper way to code in order for all the stat (health, attack, defense, etc.) to be a total 30 points where the minimum points for each stats is 3.

P.S: There are no limit for the stat.