How to randomly select a player in photon

Ive been asking this questions on exit games forums and all they’ve given me is the code below which works, but I can’t use get component on the string TaggedPlayer. Do you know how to enabled and disable code on TaggedPlayer?

public List<string> PlayerList = new List<string>();
void OnPhotonPlayerConnected(){
       if (!PlayerList.Contains (PhotonNetwork.playerName)) {
            PlayerList.Add (PhotonNetwork.playerName);
//This code is messy I'm paste this on my tablet because I'm away right now.
void TagRandomPlayer(){
      int PlayerListRange = PlayerList.Count;
      System.Random Rand = new System.Random ();
      int RandomPick = Rand.Next (0, PlayerListRange);
      string TaggedPlayer = PlayerList [RandomPick];

PhotonNetwork.otherPlayers is an array of the other players in a room.

You can select any from this array.