How to re-skin multiple buttons with different skins in unity 5 using C#

I have been working on a game for a long time now and the finishing touch is gonna be the main menu. I still haven’t figured out how to re-skin every single button with different skins. Could someone help me out because everything, everything I find is in JS. I MADE THE WHOLE GAME WITH C#! DON’T SAY THAT IT IS IMPOSSIBLE IN C#! I’m from Finland so there may be some slight errors in this post. Sorry if there is.Oh, and sorry for those who feel offended because I don’t like JS.

Uhh, how about

public GUISkin skinA;
public GUISkin skinB;

void OnGUI(){ = skinA;
 GUI.Button(buttonparams here); = skinB;


It’s not really different from what you do in javascript I think? Although that does look sort of horrible. Oh wait, you can give a texture as a parameter to a Button right?

so you’d get

public Texture2D buttonA;
public Texture2d buttonB;

void OnGUI(){
 GUI.Button(somerect, buttonA);
 GUI.Button(somerect, buttonB);

Which does look a lot neater. Or you could use the new UI system, which makes it even easier.

Also, C# can do everything javascript can do, and look better while doing it! (I would’ve said C# can do more, but they’re both turing complete languages, C# just has better support built-in)