How To Re-use model Like Subway Surfer & Temple Run Game?

Hello Good Morning Everyone,
I am working on 1 infinite run game then i need to reuse my model, I am confused how should i re-use my model again and again, like Subway Surfer and Temple Run Which technique should i use for path creation or reuse model ??

Please give me your suggestions or advice

You could make something like it destroys it and instantiates it when you restart. Or, you can change the objects position to the starting point.

BTW: If this answer is not what you wanted, I suggest you should reword your question. What do you mean reuse? Like when you die you play again and the player model is there?

I think this should help you :wink:

The object pooling thing could help. However, if you do not know where the first end ends, and the next end needs to begin, you need to find something for that.
I tried to make an infinite runner myself, and I added an A and B point to every piece the player has to “run” over.

This way, you make it so that the B point of the next piece overlaps with the A point of the last piece.
If used, the objects will ALWAYS fit together like a glove.

Adding the child A and B shouldn’t be hard, as local positions are quickly done, and ALWAYS the same.

Code I used:

public void Place()
    GameObject lastUsedIndex = halfpipes[Random.Range(0, 5)];

    GameObject spawnedBlock = (GameObject)Instantiate(lastUsedIndex, spawnPos, Quaternion.identity);
    float nextZ = spawnedBlock.gameObject.GetComponentInChildren<Transform>().Find("A").transform.position.z;
    float lastZ = lastUsedIndex.GetComponentInChildren<Transform>().Find("B").transform.position.z;
    spawnPos.z = nextZ - lastZ;

Hope it helps