How to Read Data from a Bluetooth Device with a Windows Store App

Hello and thank you for looking at this question.

I have an Arduino Uno R3 device that has an Bluetooth HC-06 module on it. I’m trying to send a string from my Arduino to the game.

I have been able to get this to work when my Build Platform is PC Standalone, because I am able to use the System.IO.Ports namespace and it is easy to just read the data that is sent to the SerialPort.

Unfortunately, the WSA platform does not allow the use of the System.IO.Ports namespace (among many other limitations).

How do I get this string of data to be sent to the game when the target platform is WSA?

I ended up using a BLE solution based on the example here:

You can use the Universal Beacon Library if you make a plugin for it.

Here is the documentation on plugins


Look at this article : Unity Issue Tracker - [WSA] Bluetooth devices are not supported

A trick : . in “player settings” enable “Bluetooth” and “HumanInterfaceDevice” capabilities.


Did you do it with HC-06? I dont know how to get message from it. What is the key Code to connect The HC-06? Thx