How to read jump height of character?

This is going to be for a BMX, MTB, Skateboard etc., high jump competition. The charactor will go down initial ramp to gain speed, and hit a vertical jump, going straight up into the air and back down the ramp. How would I find the max height of each character, and how would i display it on a leaderboard directly behind and above the jump?

You just need to STORE your MAX value of some character GAME OBJECT transform.position.Y in some static value.
In Update() method try to do:
print(gameObject.transform.position.y) and you will see in console what I mean.


First, you are asking more than 1 thing in one post. You need to advance step by step.

To calculate the height, just need to check the vertical component of the object each frame. Store the value on a variable called something like “maxheight”. Each frame compare the current height with maxheight and if is higger, replace it. So at the end maxheight will be the highest height reached.

After, you need to create a Canvas text and show the maxheight value.

Repeat this for each player!

PS: You are beggining, dont try to go fast, go step by step, learning each thing and understanding what and why are you doing that.

Good luck!