How to read text from a surface in real time from device camera using Unity?

I was working on a project in unity to read text that is engraved on metal surface.I checked many forums and websites.I usually end up in python related codes.I do not know python and C++.I am looking for a solution using Unity with C#.I have read about OPEN CV, the asset store plugin costs about 95$ a bit costly.

So I downloaded the trial package of OPEN CV for unity. In that , an example scene was there,we can already read text from a preset image but I want to read text in real time using device camera(IOS/Android).Anyways I added the below preset image to test but it was not detecting any text.Any options to do this project in unity itself . An example scene or tutorial would be helpful.

Another option I am exploring is Google cloud vision.Any idea how to use it in a unity project.I have created an API key for the project.Now trying to get a lead to start a project in Unity. I tried this project in Unity Cloud vision - Github but it is in WEBGL.I tested in mac webcam but it is getting slow/stuck.Looking for one in IOS/Android.Would really appreciate any help,thanks.alt text

Use an OCR library.