How to read X and Y component ( of a vector2) from a list

I have a code in C#
//public void OpenCityList(string fileName)
// {
// DataSet cityDS = new DataSet();

       // try
           // this.Clear();

           // cityDS.ReadXml(fileName);

          //  DataRowCollection cities = cityDS.Tables[0].Rows;

          //  foreach (DataRow city in cities)
          //  {
           //     this.Add(new City(Convert.ToInt32(city["X"], CultureInfo.CurrentCulture), Convert.ToInt32(city["Y"], CultureInfo.CurrentCulture)));
          //  }
      //  }
      //  finally
      //  {
       //     cityDS.Dispose();

"City ( int X, int Y) " exists in another class.

I have some points ( vector 2) that I inserted in Inspector, and I want to make a list (listOfCities) from them and then separate X and Y component of each point to insert into "City ( int X, int Y) " later.

public Vector2 interestPoints;

	public List <Vector2> listOfCities;

	void Start () {
		foreach (Vector2 value in interestPoints) {
			listOfCities.Add (value);
			this.Add (new City ( Convert.ToInt32( value.X), Convert.ToInt32(value.Y)));}

I started with this. Is it right?

You can add a Vector2 field inside the City class and have the constructor set the received Vector2 value. Then change your listOfCities to a List of City class. If you wanna access the city’s Vector2, just access it through listOfCities[0].location.x . Also, I think when accessing Vectors, it’s lower case “x” or “y” Unity - Scripting API: Vector2 :

// City
public class City {
    public Vector2 location;

    public City(Vector2 loc){
        location = loc;

// in your code
public List <City> listOfCities;
void Start (){
    foreach(Vector2 value in interestPoints){
        listOfCities.Add(new City(value));

//Accessing city's Vector2