How to record the AudioListener without it playing the microphone on the speakers?


I am currently working on a iOS project where I have to be able to record the screen with sound. I didn’t make the project but when I received it there was a bug with infinite audio feedback. Since the Audio Source had the phone microphone in AudioClip and nothing in Output it played it in the AudioListener and therefore it creates a loop where the audio coming from the speakers is played in loop.

Problem is, I can’t simply disable the AudioListener, because the lib which was used so far (and worked well afaik) is recording the sound of the video from what’s played on the AudioListener. The lib is pmjo’s Next Gen Recorder.

My question is, is it possible to prevent the AudioListener to play on the speakers or is there another problem that I miss which causes this infinite audio feedback?

Here is a screenshot of my GameObject AudioDummy containing the AudioSource and the AudioListener (the default microphone is added as the AudioClip during Runtime btw):

Thanks in advance.

Found a solution!