How to reduce apk size

Hi all, My complete unity project size is 2 mb (including assets and libraries) but my apk build size is 8MB, How do I reduce the size of it… And also My game works well in Devices with the resolution 320*480 but not in heigher resolutions…Game stucks in Higher resolution device eventhough they have 1gb of RAM

After a build unity prints an overview of the used file size in the editor log. So you can check what makes up your 8MB build size.

But keep in mind that your project files do not include the Unity Engine, which your apk does. So my guess is most of the size difference is to be found there.

Edit >> Project Settings >> Player >> Other Settings >> Device Filter : AR MV 7
then build it…
also try to reduce image and music size…

hi , my game contains only 1 scean and only 4 textures than also it containts 50 mb apk , so provide the suggation for reduce the size of apk.