How to reduce build size?

Hello Sir,

I created 1 3d project with 1 3d object like cube and then publish it to webgl. It create build folder, Template data and index.html
file. Size of build folder is 200MB that is horrible. I am confuse with build folder, is this folder necessary, is there any possibility
for decrease build folder size. If suppose i will upload these folder on server. does this build folder is necessary for first time or
it is necessary for every project i.e build folder is global for every project or i need create build folder separately for different
different projects.

I found useful tips in this blog link text . In sum, use power of two.

Easiest wins are assets and anything in your resources folder (everything in this folder is automatically included in your project build). Compressing, reducing, spriting, etc your assets will help.

Take a look at your:

  • Images / textures
  • Audio
  • Plugins
  • Meshes

Also, a Unity doc link I found: Unity - Manual: Reducing the file size of your build