How to reduce cam speed in the editor?

I find the cam speed in the editor a bit too fast... I'd like to make it 3/4 or 3/5 of what is now. Is it possible?

You can both press alt key and right button while move the mouse up or down. This may give you what you want.

Sorry, I wasn't talking about editor camera, hence the edit. There's no easy way that I know of to change the editor camera's movement.

I suppose if it's very vital to your workflow you could extend your editor and manipulate your scene view camera. If you are within the Editor class, you can use OnSceneGUI() to do stuff to your scene view. I tried something like this to capture input and manipulate the scene camera, but to no avail yet:

@CustomEditor (MoveSceneCam)
class MoveSceneCamEditor extends Editor {

    function OnSceneGUI () {

       if (Event.current.type == EventType.MouseDown) {



You access your scene view camera by using Camera.current. That would be at least a start, but I didn't get it to work yet. Have a look around the forums and script reference for OnSceneGUI() and editor extensions.

I'll give it another go soon.

As far as I know there's no way to decrease the step size of editor camera. You could try using one of the alternate control schemes. Hit 'q' then hold the right mouse button. You can zoom in and out by movig the mouse up and down. Gives more precise control than the other ways.

I’m working on small objects a few cm in length. I was able to adjust the zoom accurately by doing alt-right mouse drag but the WASD step size is still a problem when working at small scale. I was able to kind of move and rotate around a bit by using right drag and left drag over and over but it’s not the smooth WASD navigation we need.

This sounds like you are working at extremely small scale. There are a couple of reasons to advise against this, so maybe you want to try and scale up your scene instead of trying to make the camera slower. Basically, all calculations are limited in precision by the fact that floats are used to store things like position, transformation, collider size, etc. If you are working at very large or very small ranges, you might encounter problematic imprecisions. Also, the Physics system is modelled around the idea of 1 unit cube equals 1 meter. Lighting is another example where you might see issues. It is very likely that, whatever reason you have for a small scene, you can solve the problem in another way.

I mashed some buttons and made my scene editor camera move super slow… then another day again, but it was moving SO FAST… here’s the fix;
Double click on a Game Object. It’ll “Find” or “zoom” to that object and reset your editor cam to a normal speed.