How to reduce memory usage?

Hi, I’m working on 2D game using Unity 4. Last time after adding new animations and textures my game stopped working on most of android devices. For now, I know it works only on Samsung Galaxy and maybe on other fancy smartphones but I’m not able to check it. When I run it on desktop it uses almost 2GB of memory during loading and 1GB during gameplay. This is really suprising because my game is pretty simple. Not much code, few animations and sprites + Physics2D.

So my question is how this high memory usage is possible? What am I missing? What can I do to reduce memory usage? I know I can compress the textures and animations but still I can’t believe that 15MB app uses 2GB of memory. I just started my work with Unity and for now I’m out of ideas. Any help?

when i had this problem. The problem was i created a lot of new object in Update(), OnGUI() functions. Like textures, GUIStyles, etc… As it seems, GC cant handle that. Hope this helps.

But of you have PRO the profiler can easily tell you where the problem is