How to reduce scene load time on mobile?

All my scenes load fine except the scene in which the game is on. I’ve done a ton of research. Everyone says reduce your assets as much as possible. I only have one instance of every asset. All my assets exist once in either the hierarchy or prefab. I have no public gameobjects. I am object pooling all my sprites. I have all my textures reduced so scale is 1, 1, 1. My file size of app is 14 MB. All my shaders are optimized for mobile. I’m not using mip maps. My texture are on 2 sprite atlases. On a Galaxy Note 4 loading time is about 7 sec. On a Galaxy S3 loading time is about 15 secs. I set it to load game scene first in build setting to see if one scene would have helped, but then unity screen stayed up for about 8 sec on Note 4. I have attached a screenshot of profiler. The problem comes from Loading.AwakeFromLoad. I cant find any documentation about this method. Any ideas on how I can fix this issue?

Yea, I figured it out. I had my audio files decompressing on load. Thanks for the help.


Did you find more ways to optimize your game load other than setting audio files? It would really help me in my game. :slight_smile: