How to reduce the app size

when i finished my app, it shows that it’s size is 64M, oh, my god, but if i build it with android sdk, it is just 17m, all i use the quality as default setting.
anyone can tell me which settings can reduce the app size,or other methods?
thank you very much

In your texture import settings, it is possible to limit the size of textures to any power of 2 up to 4096, and this can be overridden for different platforms. By doing this, you can create a lower-detail variant for mobile and web, at the same time as keeping a high-detail, larger, variant for desktop release. There are a few other ways, but textures are generally the biggest thing in a project.

If you purchase licenses for the Mobile Pro platforms, Unity will strip out pieces of the engine that you do not use when you build for the mobile platforms.

If you are using large text files (or other files read in as TextAssets) for application data (like a giant XML file describing the NPC’s), try implementing a compression library into your project and compress that data.

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