How to reference list element?

Hi. I want to make a list containing elements which will contain a reference to other element in a list. I want “otherElement” to handle reference to that other element from list (That if I change position in list of referenced object reference will still refer to same object). Question is, how to make it? The only method I currently see is to make it by using a pointer, but it isn’t best solution because it will make code unsafe. Any Ideas? (Sorry for my bad english)

public class Element
int variable1;
int variable2;
Element otherElement;
public Element(int var1 , int var2 , Element other){
    variable1 = var1;
    variable2 = var2;
    otherElement = other;

Objects in C# are pass by reference by default. Only data types (structs) and primitives (int, float, et cetera) are pass by value. Classes are pass by reference.

You can pass everything by reference by using the ref keyword: ref keyword - C# Reference | Microsoft Learn

But you only need to do that for data types and primitives.