How to Reference Vertices of a Mesh of a meshFilter of a GameObject?

I want to move some vertices on a very simple mesh to modify its shape.

I put the mesh into the world by instantiating a Prefab as a GameObject, so all I know is how to reference the GameObject.

I don’t know the first thing about referencing vertices, meshes, meshfilters or anything and cannot seem to find the answers on google.

Any help greatly appreciated!

Start with GameObject.GetComponent to reference the MeshFilter, then use the MeshFilter.mesh (in runtime) or MeshFilter.sharedMesh (in edit time) to reference the Mesh itself, then use the Mesh.vertices to get the vertices of the mesh.
It’s important to note that the Mesh.triangles can also be accessed, and it’s always a multiply of the Mesh.vertexCount by 3, where each triangle is defined by 3 vertices starting from Mesh.vertices[0].