how to reflect rigidbody with force

Hello, everyone. I was wondering if there was a way to calculate the direction from which a rigidbody came from, so I can multiply it by 180* to get the angle of reflection. all help would be appreciated!!! :)

Are you talking about reflecting a collision in physics? Otherwise, you can just use the transform forward vector of an object.

For physics response, you can look at the velocity vector of the rigidbody and normalize it to give you a direction vector.

There are also ways to extract that from the transform matrix, but that's more work.

For collisions, in the:

public void OnCollisionEnter(Collision collision)

method, the collision object's Collision struct also has the relativeVelocity member so you know the relative velocity, and hence, direction from which the collision occurred.

I'm also assuming you want to tell the object to move (with physics) in the reflected direction. So also be careful about not directly applying your own transforms to a rigidbody unless you turn on isKinematic on the rigidbody first. Otherwise, you should use AddForce() in your reflected direction with the force type set to something like Impulse.