How to refresh a TXT file of my project

Im developing an App fo android and I need to save and load files using TXT. But after I save the files in the TXT I have an option to read all the files, but some of then are not being refreshed. So I tried to look for a solution to this problem and I found a question here that is almost the same thing, but the question was made in 2013 and I don't know if the sintaxe is the same. I read about something called Asset.DataBase.Refresh, its seeing to be exactly what I need, but I tried and mono said that Asset.DataBase.Refresh doesnt exist. Im using unity 5.0.1 and I tried to read at the unitys manual and the example there was not clear for me and I couldnt find a solution to my problem.

So Im saving everything in Resources folder, and to load the TXT files I using Resource.Load and I stored the files in TextAssests. Everything is going OK, and after saving the files I have the option to read all the files, but some of the are old, and wasnt updated, if I go to the apps folder and look for the new TXT it`s up to date, and if I go back to the App and select the option to read files again, the app write everything OK with the files up to date. So I need Unity to refresh the files to write the newer TXT files.

Hope you guys can help me!


the method is AssetDatabase.Refresh . Check here Unity - Scripting API: AssetDatabase.Refresh

i hope this helps: you need to type “using UnityEditor;” at the top of the c# script. and then call " AssetDatabase.Refresh(); " wherever u need.

i was also trying to figure it out.