How to Relate/Connect 2 different types and whats that called?

Sorry I didn’t explain that well. I have an array of 16 Transforms and a Array of 16 bools, logically say I wanted each bool 16 of them to represent each transform 16 of them logically, then maybe disable usage of one transform (like say I’m using that transform for some actions) then stop those actions, when its related bool is turned off. But I don’t know how to connect the 2 the transform and bools, and make transform 1 relate to bool 1 when bool 1 is off usage of transform 1 is off and so on, transform 2 related to bool 2 ect…

So you have

bool[] arrBool;
Transform[] arrTrans;

You would say

Debug.Log("The "+i+"th transform has position: "+ arrTrans_.position +" & state:"+ arrBool*);*_

Unless you wanted to use a dictionary, which doesn’t make any sense.
You could also put a script on each object that you’re referencing, save the bool in that script and then reference the script instead of the Transform.
Does any of that help?