How to remove a dotted line around the WebPlayer

I get a dotted border around the WebPlayer when embedding with fixed size. It displays both on loading as well on application screen on Firefox but not in the IE. How to get rid of that?
I have tried to set the params variable “bordercolor”, but this is not the matter with that.

I found a solution, in your CSS, add this:

#unityPlayer>* {
outline: 0;

And the dotted outline will be gone!

It just depends on how you embed your webplayer. The html file that is created by Unity does the embedding via javascript. This seems to cause FF to highlight the new added element. As soon as you click anywhere it disappears.

An example of my old sample project:

It’s probably the way Unity embeds the webplayer afterwards. You might try some different ways (innerHTML, AddNode, …)

I have found that targeting the object seems to work best. This is how you solve the issue for Flash object embedding as well:

object, embed {
   outline: 0;

Some of the other answers here didn’t work for me, hopefully the above helps.

The dotted border also does not appear in safari… I couldn’t find anything in the html that draws the border around the webplayer, so I believe it is the firefox browser that causes the border to appear. This seems to be unique to firefox and I don’t think there’s a way to get around it, in my case it doesn’t really bother me, but tell me if you do find a solution :wink: