How to remove a Ragdoll?

So I added a ragdoll effect to a 3D character of mine. When I enter play mode it freaks out completely. I would like to either edit or completely remove the ragdoll.

Any suggestions?


Okay so it seems like there is no easy way to remove a ragdoll effect. You’d have to go into every separate body part in the hierarchy and remove the following 3 components;

  1. Rigid Body
  2. Character Joint
  3. and the Capsule Collider.

Sorry, seems like I answered my own question. If anybody else can come up with a simpler solution for future use, that would be very helpful.

It may be useful if you use type


in hierarchy window. it will only display all the rigidbodies in hierarchy window. You can also find any type of gameobject just use


The right answer is