How to remove Admob SDK from Unity?


I want to remove Admob from my Unity project completely, how should I do that is there a certain way of doing this, or how would you suggest to be done? I’ve searched the internet and couldn’t find an answer. I need to remove it because there are some conflict between Unity Ads SDK and Admob SDK.

Thanks in advance!

removing the folder GoogleMobileAds should be enough

Here’s how I am tackling this. First I go to assets ->import package to import the admob package again. When it shows the screen where you confirm what needs to be imported, take a note of what gets imported and cancel the import. We are removing it after all right?

Now we know that it imports files into “External dependency manager”, “GoogleMobileAds” and “plugins” folders. I will leace external dependency manager alone, since I also have other Google dependencies. The GoogleMobileAds folder is all admob, so I just delete it . Finally the plugins folder. This may contain files from other packages, so proceed with caution! Only delete the files you noted when you did the mock import at the first step.

Now I restart Unity ( just to make me feel better. You will get a warning , just skip safe mode for now . Run external dependency manager, in case there were some libraries shared with other packages in your project.
Should be it. Now you can just follow all those console errors to the places where your code references the (now missing ) GoogleMobileAds libs.

If you clear the console of all errors then you can restart Unity without the safe mode warnings.
The restarts may not be completely neccesary, but I like to do it just to clear out anything that may be in memory or needs to be re initialized.

You can probably do it better by chasing down the console errors before the first unity restart

Hope this helps. Constructive criticism, corrections welcome!