How to remove Bolt from Unity 2019.4.16f1

I would like to remove Bolt from Unity. But I can’t find “remove” button next to Bolt in Package Manager. I need to remove it to make the update of Bolt. There is no Bolt in “In Project” category nor “Built-in packages”. It only exists in “My Assets”
Here is a picture that shows missing option to remove:

to remove bolt, Go into your project file (the file of the project you want to remove bolt from), find assets. delete both the folder and the meta file named bolt.


I would also like to know… It’s not in the plugin’s folder either. I can’t find where this plugin lives after it was installed.

,لقد قمت بتثبيث bolt عدة مرات ولم اجده مادا افعل

Did anyone figure it out after all this time?