How to remove details while digging a hole on terrain?

When i dig on terrain created by GAIA, i use the plugin Digger Master with script, but finally the grass was remain, what is the problem?

Unity’s terrain grass will remain no matter how much you’re deforming the terrain, it’s not a bug, it’s designed to stick to the surface of the terrain, you need to either manually remove it, or use 3D grass models and remove the ones in the area you’re digging via script.

To remove details while digging a hole on terrain in a game or 3D modeling software:

  1. Select the Digging Tool: Use a suitable tool or brush designed for terrain modification. This tool is often available in level editors or terrain editing software.

  2. Adjust the Brush Size: Set the brush size to control the area you want to affect. A smaller brush size will dig a smaller hole with more precision.

  3. Adjust Strength or Depth: Depending on the tool, adjust the strength or depth parameter to control how deep you want to dig. Higher values will result in deeper holes.

  4. Apply to Terrain: Click or drag the tool over the terrain where you want to dig the hole. Make sure to cover the entire area you want to modify.

  5. Smooth or Blend: After digging, you may want to use a smoothing or blending tool to make the transition between the hole and surrounding terrain more natural and less detailed.

  6. Repeat as Needed: If you need to create a deeper or larger hole, repeat the process with the adjusted settings.

By following these steps, you can remove details and create a hole in the terrain while maintaining control over the extent and depth of the modification. For more information you can Visit here: Eco Cleanse