How To Remove Development Build Console?

I regularly play a game called Warmerise {}. I just recently installed and am now using Pale Moon {64-bit} browser. I found/installed the 64-bit Unity Web Player and now I’m getting that “Development Console” overlay during the game. I saw one suggestion to go to the “Settings” page and Alt+right-click on the panel then uncheck “Development”.

Well, it was already unchecked:

I checked it and it came up with “Failed to update Unity Player”. Unchecking it again returns to normal but the “Console” is still there in the game. I can play with it there but it’s really annoying. Also, I’d rather stick with the 64-bit browser but if this can’t be removed otherwise then I’ll go to 32-bit.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!


Since no one can figure this one out I decided to switch to 32-bit browser. It’s a shame because I think the 64-bit was better.