How to remove/disable/hide package manager


I just updated to Unity 2018.2 an suddenly there is a new folder called “Packages” in my project view. It contains 5 packages ( Analytics, Ads, In-App Purchases, Package manager UI and TextMeshPro). I don’t need any of these packages for my current project so I tried to delete them.

Things that I tried so far:
Selecting the folder and pressing the delete key.
Right-clicking the folder and selecting delete.
Going in the package manager and remove each package ( the package manager ui can’t be removed and stays).
Remove /ProjectName/Packages folder.
Removing the packages from “AppData\Local\Unity\cache\packages\”.

Anyone know how to remove or hide this folder?

This sounds more like OCD. Disabling the packages should be enough. You can’t disable the Package Manager, why would you? But see it this way: with the package manager you can disable even more stuff that you don’t need that was previously always included. Don’t use Terrains? Disable it.

Open the Package Manager, Windows->Package Manger.

There on the left will be the list of packages in your project. Select the ones you don’t need and on the right will be a “Remove” button. Press Remove to remove the package.
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