How to remove features from a build? What is/isn't included in build?

I was wondering, what is the best method to exclude part of the game from being included in the final build outside of managing scenes? I want to make a demo version of the game from the same project, but remove part of the content.

The thing is, in my game I use only 2 scenes - main menu and game itself. Inside the game scene, I just choose what level should be instantiated. What should I do in order to make sure that some levels are not included in the final build in any shape or form. Is it just the case of removing reference to the level prefab in a script that manages spawning? Is it not possible in this scenario to hack the demo by incjecting the memory address of the level prefab to the manager anyway or is that prefab completely ignored when building the game if it’s not referenced anywhere in the scripts?


Assets are included to build by referencing them from scenes. That’s probably one reason why scenes are referenced differently from other assets, it’s like a root of dependency tree.
Other roots would be assets in Resources folder. Anything else is excluded from build

I am using Build Report Tool from asset store, it shows you exactly what’s in the build and how big it is.

Thank you, that’s very helpful! The “Build Report Tool” is also exactly what I’m looking for, gonna try it out and see exactly what is happening in my build :smiley: