How to remove free assets from being listed under Package Manager ?

Microsoft Windows 11 x64 Version 22H2 (OS Build 22621.1778)
Unity 2022.3.0f1
Unity Hub 3.4.2

How to remove an free asset from being listed under the Package Manager, for example the asset "Battle Royale Duo Polyart PBR" below ?


Please advise.


Go here.
Search the asset and hit “Hide Asset” link.

9117334--1264888--Screenshot 2023-06-30 184431.png

If you change your mind later, on the right side you can look for the previously hidden assets by checking the “Hidden Assets” checkbox under the Status section.

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Thanks for the feedback, is there any option to totally remove it ?

Not that I know of and it wouldn’t make any sense.

Not that I know of and it wouldn't make any sense.

Why wouldn't it make any sense?

Because majority of assets are something you pay for. You can hide them if you don’t want to see them in day-to-day work but you can find them if you go to the site and explicitly search for your hidden assets. So you can bring them back if you find out half a year later that you rather need it, so you don’t have to repurchase it. Doesn’t make sense to delete assets for yourself, deleting assets should only happen if they violate someone’s copyright.

Because you could regret it later?
Are these assets you no longer want to see broken or unusable?

I’m trying a lot of different free model assets during development, which will later be replaced with paid or custom versions. It’s easy to go through 10 or so of the free ones to find one that fits, but now I have 10 free assets in my library that I’m not interested in.