How to remove the skip button in the new Unity Ads?

I can’t find the option to remove the skip button since Unity has changed the interface.

Where can I find it?

To thoroughly answer the question for future users:

The difference between whether or not the advertisement has a skip button or not is whether or not you define it as a “rewarded” video when you call it. When you show a rewarded video, there is a higher likelihood of the user exiting the app, since they can not skip and must watch it for the full duration (usually ~30 seconds). Therefore, it is recommended you have an incentive for the user to stay until the end (i.e. a reward like an in-app item or currency for completing the video).

But I digress:

Call your method with


If you would like to show a skippable video



if you would like to show a non-skippable video, which typically generates more revenue.

These strings seem arbitrary, but you can change them at if you please.

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