How to remove trees?

Hi I’m just starting out with Unity, and I’m messing around with tree placement. My question is, how do you remove trees? Is there a way to remove them individually?

Thank you!

Yes, just set your brush size (the size of that blue brush) to like 2 or 3 and then, while holding down SHIFT, click on the trees you want to get rid of. Or mass remove trees by setting the brush size to something higher, such as 30 or 50, or even 100!

hold down shift when your painting trees to remove them, you remove what ever tree’s you touch with the brush. If you want to remove a certain kind, hold control shift while painting.

My Terrain component does not seem to have a brush size for the tree option, but has brush size for every other terrain option. Currently my tree brush is gigantic and I can’t just remove one tree at a time. I made the brush small on all the others, but it does not affect the tree brush. Can’t find a hotkey for the brush either. The online Unity manual didn’t explain how to change the tree brush size either.

Under the Place Trees tab, scroll down to the trees box and select the type of tree you want to remove, then you can scale the brush size.

So apparently you can mass place trees and put in 0 to remove all